Whiz Partners Inc.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Whiz Partners Inc.
Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial instruments firms) No.2590
Japan Investment Advisers Association, TypeII Financial Instruments Firms Association
36th Floor, Atago Green Hills MORI TOWER, 2-5-1, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6236 Japan
Atsushi Matsumura
Capital Stock
JPY 100 million
Business Description
  1. Securities acquisition and holdings
  2. Asset management of investment limited partnerships
  3. Accounting and audit advisory for equity and credit holdings
  4. Corporate strategy consulting and asset management advisory
  5. Business development practice including mergers and acquisitions, technology joint ventures, sales distribution partnerships, and manufacturing partnerships
  6. Type II Financial Instruments Business as defined by Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  7. Investment Management practice as defined by Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  8. Investment Advisory practice and agency as defined by Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  9. All other business practices pertaining to the above
Chairman, Member
of the board
Toshio Ando
Board Members
  • Atsushi Matsumura, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Satoru Iino, Chief Operating Officer, Co-Chief Investment Officer
  • Tomoyuki Fujisawa, Chief Investment Officer, Co-Chief Operating Officer
  • Junichi Kajimoto, Chief Financial Officer
  • Tatsuro Kochi, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Takashi Ejiri, Board of Director (ITN Partners)
  • Tetsuya Murakami, Auditor (Japan Association for Chief Financial Officers)
  • Tatsuya Nakajima, Auditor (Certified Public Accountant)
Hiroshi Okuda