Whiz Partners Inc.

Leaders Message

A Fund that holds dear to imagination

Satoru IinoPresident & CEO, Member of the Board

Since our establishment in 2010, Whiz Partners always held Imagination as a key corporate value. Our ability to imagine the future for ourselves, for our portfolio firms, and for society is the driving force for our investments. Be it as day-dreams, or as delusions of grandeur, we cherish our imagination as fundamental to our value creation and competitive advantage.
While respecting compliance to the highest degree, we strove to stand apart from conventional norms, and built our track record of private equity investments one deal at a time. Each investment represents a crystallized formed of the world we imagined at the time of investment. We believe these crystals converge together to deliver our returns to our clients.
As we enter our new decade, we seek to continue our mission to imagine the future.

An investment company to last a century

Tomoyuki FujisawaCIO, Member of the Board

“Minimize exposure, and maximize investment returns”
“Contribute to wellness in society through investments”
For a decade, we built our healthcare private equity franchise based on these two principles. Our superior insights in the domestic pharma sector enabled us to make holistic investment decisions that factor product, development, financing, and human capital. We are pleased to report our investment activities directly enabled the regulatory approval of 6 new therapeutic products. We believe therapeutic discovery and development will continue to be a fundamental value driver for our investments.
As we consider the next decade, we have high hopes for our portfolio investment, the Axcelead group. As a world-class drug discovery platform service provider, they show strong potential to become a vibrant center for therapeutic discovery for Japan as well as for the world. As the Axcelead ecosystem grows, it has potential to spawn the next generation of innovative investment opportunities as well as deliver novel therapeutics to society. We consider the digital evolution to become a key driver for innovation and pleased to report we are very well positioned to capture such tides through Axcelead as well as through the greater Whiz Partners ecosystem.
By adhering to our two foundational principles, we aspire to build the foundation for an investment company to contribute to society for a century.